Sunday, May 10, 2009

Torture Rack

This was very fun project to work on.
Genre was given as "horror" and we all had a chance to set the mood and feel of a interior shot.
I got inspired by SAW, Blade Runner and from other reference images that I have gathered.
I have only used traditional medium for this project.


David Kang said...

Traditional is the way to go!

Lim Hur said...

Iknow~~ thats the way to go!! how are you david!

Mio said...

Hi Lim! always good to see your artworks! and i really like how your concepts turned out. keep up the good work.

Lim Hur said...

hey we should gather up soon! miss you guys!

Onesimus said...

nice :) best one yet

Charles Lee said...

Nice~~solid work sista~!!

mike kim said...

Hey Lim! Looks pretty painful in there, i like the manual technique too. It was good seeing you the other day at Mitsuwa. hope activision is fun, see ya!

Lim Hur said...

Hey Mike!
How are you? Do you still work in Santa monica??