Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rise of the Argonauts_concept13

Swamp in Kythra.
Emotive concept for Swamp area in Kythra.

Rise of the Argonauts_concept12

Summoning circle concept.
You see this in different stages in Iolcus Finale level.

Rise of the Argonauts_concept11

Cursed Statuary Hall in Iolcus Finale.

Rise of the Argonauts_concept10

Saria room in Argo ship

Rise of the Argonauts_concept9

Promenade in Mycenae.

Rise of the Argonauts_concept8

Private Courtyard in Iolcus Finale.
After Iolcus gets cursed, entire level gets destroyed and covered with magical runes.

Rise of the Argonauts_concept7

Palace in Mycenae.
I really had fun with this painting and was very excited how it turned out in 3d.

Rise of the Argonauts_concept6

Inside of Argo ship, Mycenae room

Rise of the Argonauts_concept5

Golden Fleece
I was lucky enough to design a "Golden Fleece".
You get to see King Jason wearing this as his armor in higher level of this game.

Rise of the Argonauts_concept4

Mycenae Dock.
In Mycenae level, where Jason and his selected Argonauts lend on from Argo ship.

Rise of the Argonauts_concept3

Concept art for Kythra.
I had a great chance to design overall look for Kythra.
It was very good and also challenging experience to learn overall pipeline in gaming industry.
I thank everyone who had worked and guide me through out this project!

Rise of the Argonauts_concept2

This was paintover on top of 3d models.
I was asked to do emotive concept, more moody and tone down the overall saturation and
set up the environment.
This place is where centaurs at Saria lives.

Monday, December 29, 2008