Friday, September 18, 2009

Japan street_Final

This is a paint over on top of 3d render (below).
I basically paint with photoshop and little bit of Adobe light room.
This was done at Activision, and they are teaching me new software and new techniques everyday. That includes light room, maya, z brush, 3d coat.
I am constantly learning! I guess that's what I will be doing rest of my life!

Japan street_3d render_maya

I am training myself to get more comfortable using 3d software.
I built this in maya for general composition for pait over purpose.
It was very fun and fast process.
Final painting above.


Go Trios!

Character turn around

Hi guys
I did this at work for z brush training purpose and ends up figuring out how fun is to design a character.
I have stuck doing mainly environments lately for personal project, but now I think I should expend my interest!!!!